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Hello from me!

So its worth knowing a little about me and what I am all about.

Im a professional photographer & videographer based in a small suburb St Johns Wood NW8 in Zone 2 for all you London Underground gurus.

I want to share my work with all of you and also share some tips on using the best equipment for the different types of events I shoot.

Photography is not just a hobby but a passion to create memories, for me aswell as my clients. I love meeting new people and going to new places.

Travel is a big passion for me, and went through a phase of trying to tick off every country as I went on. However sometimes like the USA, there is so much to see, so I have gone back 12 more times to check out new states. Every place having photo opportunities.

But you can't beat London, the best city in the world. Its so diverse and offers so much. Thats why this place is my home.

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